Josh Tolar AvatarJosh T.
Fantastic experience with Radon defense. Just the ability to feel safer is one thing, but the quality of the components installed and excellent professional experience excels it to another level! It was an educational experience too learning a bit more... read more - 9/10/2021 
Iulia Padeanu AvatarIulia P.
Shortly after we purchased our home we learned we have high levels of radon in our basement (12.7). I first spoke with Paul who talked me through all our options and explained what the mitigation system would be. He was... read more - 8/24/2021 
Marc Bills AvatarMarc B.
They did a fantastic job on the install, and it was incredibly fast. The quote they gave me was accurate, and my radon levels dropped from above 5 to the lowest possible level that my home test could go (all... read more - 7/24/2021 
D T AvatarD T.
Radon Defense is an excellent business. They educated us about radon when we bought our new home, and provided radon testing at a reasonable and fair price. They answered all of our questions and are extremely knowledgeable and professional. - 6/24/2021 
Nick Townsend AvatarNick T.
Radon Defense did a fantastic job for a great price. Installation took only half a day and they were very considerate of equipment location to keep everything out of view outside and out of the way inside. They performed a... read more - 5/24/2021 
Brian Francis Hume AvatarBrian F.
Radon Defense provided stellar service with professionalism, punctuality, and patience (in answering all of my question!). In our previous home we had tested high for radon in our basement, which concerned us greatly. Someone in our neighborhood employed Radon Defense... read more - 5/24/2021 
John Lee AvatarJohn L.
Everyone at Radon Defense was extremely professional and patient with us. We were learning about radon for the first time and they explain everything very thoroughly and provided a few options to mitigate the high radon levels at our home.... read more - 3/24/2021 
Doreen Ciavarelli AvatarDoreen C.
When buying our townhome in Burke we found out we had radon in the basement. Radon Defense came highly recommended from our realtor. Nick and everyone who answered the phone there were professional, knowledgeable, and patient - we were nervous... read more - 2/24/2021 
David Roberts AvatarDavid R.
Radon Defense was fantastic to work with in assessing and replacing our radon mitigation system that had not been properly implemented by a previous owner. They were extremely responsive both in assessing the situation and executing on its replacement. They... read more - 1/24/2021 
Olivier Calas AvatarOlivier C.
Radon’Defense crew was amazingly efficient and fast. They were no hiccups throughout the 2 hours they were here to install a radon mitigation system. They left the place indoor and outdoor super clean, explained clearly what they had done while... read more - 11/24/2020 
Joe Kim AvatarJoe K.
absolutely top notch! my radon levels was 22 and after their mitigation system it dropped to under 1 !! - 11/24/2020 
Skiller189X AvatarSkiller189X
Upon finding out our basement had a radon reading of 3.8, we contacted Radon Defense to install their mitigation system. Nicholas and his team were very friendly and informative, taking the time to explain how their system would be... read more - 9/24/2020 
Harley Stine AvatarHarley S.
✍️Impossible to overstate how great Radon Defense is. From diagnostics to system plan through installation all was made clear, easy to understand and see. Work was accurate, complete, timely at reasonable price. Their cleanup of work areas was excellent. RD... read more - 9/24/2020 
Liam Ericson AvatarLiam E.
Excellent customer service and excellent price. They quoted me significantly cheaper than the competition and everyone that I talked to could not be more professional. Hopefully I won't have any radon issues in the future but if I do I... read more - 9/24/2020