Radon gas testing for and as part of a real estate transaction:

Time is of the essence during a real estate transaction for this reason, EPA guidelines allow for a short- term test. This test period is a minimum of 48 hours under close house conditions (see Radon Testing page for closed house conditions list). Typically when the contract to purchase a home is ratified the purchasing agent or the purchaser contacts our Radon Defense office to schedule the test service.We then schedule a time to bring the test equipment to the property, and set the equipment with anti-tampering devices.This test has to be in place a minimum of 48 hours. Sometime after the 48 hours our certified technicians return and retrieve the test equipment. The test is then analyzed in our office and entered into the software system and results are the achieved. The Radon Results Report is then distributed by email to the client.

All Radon Testing and Analyzing done by Radon Defense is done by a Certified Radon Professional

Let Us Help, all of us here at Radon Defense understand the lack of time during the purchase/sale of a home and are ready to quickly respond to all of your radon needs. Radon test/measurement equipment can be deployed same or next day in most cases. Mitigation systems can be scheduled for instillation six days a week.

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