The largest cause of lung cancer among non-smokers is Radon Gas. This colorless, odorless decay product of uranium forms as a gas in the soil underneath homes and buildings. Radon can be found everywhere inside homes and buildings. As the gas moves up towards the foundation through the soil, it works itself into homes and buildings through cracks, construction joint gaps, sump pumps, and around pipe/wire intrusions. Radon Gas levels is typically found to be the highest in the lowest areas of a home or building.

According to the EPA and the United States Surgeon General there are 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year because of radon gas exposure. The EPA also recommends that all homes be tested for radon gas. When levels of 4 pc/L (pico-curies per liter: the scientific measurement for radioactive products) and above are found, the EPA recommends the home or building to be mitigated.

At Radon Defense, we specialize and are certified in both Testing and Mitigation of Radon Gas. Both short-term and long-term tests are services that we offer to determine the levels of your home or building (see testing for radon page for more details). If levels in your home are at or above the EPA’s recommended action level, don’t worry, typically a properly installed mitigation system can greatly reduce the levels.

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