Radon Defense offers service and repairs on all Radon systems. A typical Radon Reduction fan has an estimated serviceable life of 7-10 years. As with anything mechanical the life of the fan may be shorter or longer for no apparent reason.

I Think I have a problem with my Radon Reduction system? Is my system operating? We field calls daily with questions like these.

Before scheduling a service call we encourage you to first do some simple diagnostics:

(1) Check the Manometer, this is a U shaped tube typically installed on the mitigation pipe in the basement. This tube will have a visible liquid either a blue or red in color inside the tube (there should also be a system identification label on the white PVC pipe, to help identify how the system was operating on initial installation).

One side of the liquid in the manometer should be higher than the other. If one side of the liquid is higher than the other this indicates that the system is operating. If in fact the system is operating you can then read the vacuum pressure that is written on the system label and compare that reading to the current reading on the Manometer these numbers should match, this lets us know if the system has the same airflow as the day it was installed.

(2) If the liquid in the manometer is even on both sides it can be determined that the system is not operating and may be turned off. In this circumstance look for an electrical switch, circuit breaker, tripped GFCI, or other power disconnect that may be turned off and or interrupting the power to the fan.

Still not operating? Now is the time to call!!

Typically, there are two reasons for system failure, power loss to the fan and fan failure itself. Again, radon Mitigation fans typically last 7-10 years, that being said if its not a power interruption issue its probably time to replace the fan. All it takes is a phone call to our office, and we will schedule a technician to come out to evaluate the current situation, if the fan can be turned back on, without any additional materials, all that is owed is a service call fee. If it is determined that the fan needs to be replaced, We stock all of the typically used Radon Mitigation fans and components and can have your system up and running in no time.

Please call to schedule your service

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