Radon-Induced Lung Cancer PSA

Radon-Induced Lung Cancer PSA


The Environmental Protection Agency released this new awareness video Please take a moment to watch, this is an eye opener.

Three radon-induced lung cancer survivors share how important awareness is for preventing deaths caused by radon.



The largest cause of lung cancer among non-smokers is Radon Gas. This colorless, odorless decay product of uranium forms as a gas in the soil underneath homes and buildings. The gas can be found everywhere inside homes and buildings. As the Radon gas moves up towards the foundation through the soil, it works itself into homes and buildings through cracks, construction joint gaps, sump pumps, and around pipe/wire intrusions. Radon Gas levels is typically found to be the highest in the lowest areas of a home or building.

According to the EPA and the United States Surgeon General there are 21,000 lung cancer deaths a year because of radon gas exposure. The EPA also recommends that all homes be tested for radon gas. When levels of 4 pc/L (pico-curies per liter: the scientific measurement for radioactive products) and above are found, the EPA recommends the home or building to be mitigated.

At Radon Defense, we specialize and are certified in both Testing and Mitigation of Radon Gas. Both short-term and long-term tests are services that we offer to determine the levels of your home or building (see testing for radon page for more details). If levels in your home are at or above the EPA’s recommended action level, don’t worry, typically a properly installed mitigation system can greatly reduce the levels.

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Radon Testing

Radon Testing

The only way to know your Radon Gas levels is to test. Radon is a colorless, tasteless, odorless, radioactive gas. It occurs naturally and is produced by the breakdown of uranium in soil and rock. It can then enter into our water supply.

Radon Defense provides testing services for both Residential and Commercial properties. We deploy both the electret ion chambers and continuous Radon monitors and have 5 staff members that are certified to do Radon Gas testing. Our Team has enough testing equipment to test 34 properties at the same time.


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Need to find out your Radon Levels?

One call to Radon Defense gets the wheels turning.

During the initial contact we will need the following information:

  • Property address
  • Clients name
  • Email address and phone number

We then can schedule to have the Radon test dropped and discuss the closed house condition required prior to and during the test period.

The test equipment will be set up in the lowest area of the home that can be occupied. The test equipment needs to be in place for a minimum of 48 hours (48 hours is the minimum testing period, if allowable longer testing times are recommended).

The Radon testing equipment will be retrieved, taken back to our office/lab where a certified lab tech will process and produce the report.

An email with the Radon results will be emailed to the client.

Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation

Radon Mitigation is the process of removing radon gas from your home. If your home has tested high for Radon Gas, don’t worry Radon Defense can install a radon mitigation system that will significantly reduce the Radon Gas and guarantee that your home will reach the acceptable levels.

Professional Certified Radon Mitigation

 After you have your home tested for radon and your levels are high, you will need a radon mitigation system installed. Our certified installation team has more than 30 years of experience in construction and know how to design your system to suit your home and needs.
Give us a call or use our Request Appointment feature hear on our website. We will then schedule a time to visit your home and discuss your options. Once the best mitigation route is determined we will give you a quote. If you would like the system installed, we will then schedule a date typically systems can be installed within a few days of the order depending on fan stock.
Most Radon mitigation systems can be completed in one working day with minimal disruption.The cost of radon reduction system that will be most effective for your home will depend on your foundation, the level of radon that needs to be reduced and how you would like the system to be routed.In the event your home has a combination of foundation types, several radon mitigation techniques may be required to achieve acceptable radon levels.
If your home has a basement or slab-on-grade:
Radon levels in these homes are most often best reduced using sub-slab depressurization (SSD) also called sub-slab suction. It is achieved by creating one or more suction pits under the concrete slab. A suction pit is a bowl-shaped pit under the concrete floor created by coring a hole through the concrete and removing soil from the pit. This serves as a suction point for radon-laden soil gases to be pulled from as soon as the vent pipe is sealed in place.
If your home has a crawlspace:
A crawlspace is a shallow, unfinished area under the first floor of a home. Typically, a crawlspace has a dirt floor and can be a major source of radon entry into your home. Radon levels in these homes are most often best reduced using sub-membrane depressurization (SMD) also called sub-membrane suction. It is achieved by sealing the dirt floor of the crawlspace with a plastic radon barrier and installing perforated pipe under the barrier to serve as the suction point.
Other components of a radon reduction system include:
Vent Pipe
Vent pipe is a PVC pipe routed from the suction point(s) to the outdoors. Code requires the vent pipe must exhaust at least 10 feet above the ground and one foot above the roof. It must also be two feet above any window within 10 feet to prevent radon reentry into the home through a window.The vent pipe can be routed: From the suction point(s) into the house attic and out through the roof, or from the suction point(s) into the garage attic and out through the roof or from the suction point(s) out through an exterior wall, and up the exterior of the house past roof.Exterior pipe routes are usually less expensive to install, but are not recommended in cold climates due to the possibility of the system freezing. This can happen when the warm, humid air being drawn through the mitigation system comes in contact with the cold vent pipe and forms condensation. This condensation can then freeze and build up a layer of ice that can close off the vent pipe. Fan damage can occur when the ice melts and falls into the fan. Insulated vent pipe is an option that minimizes this possibility.
Radon Fans
Radon fans are in line fans mounted to the vent pipe. The fan provides the suction necessary to draw soil gasses from underneath the slab at the suction point(s) and must be located in an unconditioned area such as an attic or outdoors. Fans located in the attic must have an outlet within six feet. Fans outside must be hardwired into a weatherproof switchable box.
In addition to installing the Radon Mitigation system and components our team of installers will seal any accessible cracks and gaps as needed. Sealing cracks or openings in the concrete floor, around pipes etc. can improve radon mitigation results.
Crawl Space Foundation: 00:16
Sump Pit Mitigation 2:37
Slab Foundation: 5:00
Fan and Pipe Instillation: 6:58
Caulking and Sealing: 9:29

Our Services

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Is your radon mitigation system working, as it should? Noisy? Leaky? Clogged? Manometer not showing proper suction? Need repair or just your bi annual recommend test and check up? Here at Radon Defense we do it all!
Radon Defense offers the following services to existing radon mitigation systems regardless if the system was installed by us or not.
Radon System evaluation on All Systems
Radon Fan and Component Replacement on All Systems
Over time the effectiveness (suction) of the Radon Mitigation System’s Fan starts to drop or even stop. This is why it is recommended that Radon Gas levels be tested every two years to determine if the installed system is performing proficiently.
The evaluation consist of a visual inspection of the existing system and a follow up short term radon measurement test.

Call us Today to schedule for your Repair and/or Maintenance on your radon system: 703-688-3797



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Radon and Real Estate

Radon gas testing for and as part of a real estate transaction:

Time is of the essence during a real estate transaction for this reason, EPA guidelines allow for a short- term test. This test period is a minimum of 48 hours under close house conditions (see Radon Testing page for closed house conditions list). Typically when the contract to purchase a home is ratified the purchasing agent or the purchaser contacts our Radon Defense office to schedule the test service.We then schedule a time to bring the test equipment to the property, and set the equipment with anti-tampering devices.This test has to be in place a minimum of 48 hours. Sometime after the 48 hours our certified technicians return and retrieve the test equipment. The test is then analyzed in our office and entered into the software system and results are the achieved. The Radon Results Report is then distributed by email to the client.

All Radon Testing and Analyzing done by Radon Defense is done by a Certified Radon Professional

Let Us Help, all of us here at Radon Defense understand the lack of time during the purchase/sale of a home and are ready to quickly respond to all of your radon needs. Radon test/measurement equipment can be deployed same or next day in most cases. Mitigation systems can be scheduled for instillation six days a week.

Call today to schedule your test and/or system instillation: 703-688-3797

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